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Any video or map you add to your site must be hosted elsewhere and then embedded into your site. That means, videos need to be first posted to YouTube or Vimeo or any other platform that supports embedding. Maps need to be built in the ESRI ArcGIS platform, or on Google Maps. 

We do this because external sites are much better equipped for hosting video and maps, and ultimately provide a better experience to your users. Plus, by posting your videos to YouTube, you also have the option to build an on-platform audience of YouTube users and build your followers there. 

Embed codes can be found on the platforms themselves. If you need help embedding an ESRI/ArcGIS map, contact Doreen Whitley ( 


A note on embed codes:

Most embed codes have a pre-set size included in the code. In the code above, you can see the width is set to 560 and the height is set to 315 (in pixels). In most cases, embed codes will work best on our site if you change both width and height to "100%"—that way the embed code fills the full dimensions of the available area. 

If this doesn't work, you can experiment with different values in the width and height to get one that works for your purposes. 

You can add videos or maps in a number of places:

Adding a video or map in the body of a static page or article:

  1. Insert the cursor where you'd like to insert the embeddable map and press the "Add image/media" button in the toolbar. 
  2. Select "video" and paste in the embed code. You can embed either a map OR video embed code using this method (it doesn't have to just be a video)
  3. For more, see: Using the body text editor

Adding a video or map to a landing page

  1. If you're creating a new landing page, use the landing page wizard to add a video on steps 6 or 7. All you need to do is copy the embed code into the available text field. See also: How to use the Landing Page Wizard to create a new category for content
  2. If you're wanting to add a map or video to an existing landing page, click the "Plus" sign to add a new module to the desired page region and choose "Embed code (map/video)" under "Basic modules." See also: To Edit An Existing Landing Page



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