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Audubon uses EveryAction's "Targeted Email" tool for sending all of our mass emails. However, this tool's flexibility for customizing the look and feel of these emails leaves something to be desired, and has no tools for coordinating Audubon's many overlapping communication streams. To fill in these gaps, Audubon has developed a custom content builder called The Email Machine, and also uses a project management tool called Basecamp to house a calendar of all sends.

The links below present step-by-step guides for everything you need to know to send a Targeted Email in Audubon's EveryAction system.  From them, you will learn how to properly schedule your emails on Basecamp to coordinate with your colleagues, how to create several different types of messages in The Email Machine, a few different ways of setting up an audience for your email (including a peculiar set of things called "suppressions"), and finally, how to put it all together and send it.

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