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To add content to an editorial card module on a landing page, follow the instructions below. In this example, I have a page called "Birding in Nebraska" that I've cleaned up and now want to add to the relevant landing page (in this case, Birds). I'm going to add it to the editorial card row that currently contains "Demo Content 1" 

1. Navigate to the landing page you'd like to add it to

In this case, I would navigate to the Birds landing page by clicking the Birds link in the main menu. If you're wanting to add a static page or article to a second-level landing page that does not yet exist, use the landing page wizard to first create it, then follow the remaining instructions. 

2. Click "customize this page" at the bottom

This brings you into editing mode for the Birds landing page. 

3. Find the editorial card row where you'd like to place the article, and click the Gear button next to it to edit it

In this case, I'm going to add my page where the "Demo Content 1" article is currently placed. If you need to add additional rows of cards to fit more pages, you can change the "Number of rows" selector on an editorial card row and press "update count." You can also add additional editorial card modules (See: To Edit An Existing Landing Page for instructions). 

4. Type in the name of the page you'd like to place inside this editorial card row

In this case, I start typing "Birding in Nebraska" and the page will appear automatically. Once the page is added, click the orange "Finish' button and you should see the editorial card updated. 

5. Press "Save" to exit edit mode and save the landing page




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