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1. In your admin menu bar, select Configuration -> Search and metadata -> URL redirects

2. To add a redirect, click the "+ Add redirect" link at the top of the page 

On the resulting screen, fill in the URL you'd like to edit in the "From" field—note, is already filled for you. so only enter the part of the URL that comes after ""

Then fill in the "To" field with the existing URL that visits to the From field should redirect to. This can be the full URL of a page on your site (which includes", just the local path (omitting as in the directions above) or the URL to any external site on the internet. 

3. If the URL you're trying to redirect already has a redirect in place, you'll be asked to edit the existing URL instead. 

For instance, if many users still have links to a page on your old site that no longer works (let's say,") you can add a new redirect to send people from "audubon-locations" to any other page on your site. 


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