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We are importing every page from your old site into your new site. But without adding it to a landing page or your homepage, it may be difficult to find initially. Thankfully, the new web platform has an easy way to locate content on your site to edit. 

Go to Content - > Content Administration 

By default, this will show you a list of all the pages on your site, with those that have been most recently edited at the top. From this screen, you can find content by searching for its title, or selecting any number of other filters to narrow your search by content type, category, etc. It's a very handy page. 

Note: you must click the green "Apply" button for your filtering changes to take effect. 

Or, you can just type in the old URL...

The URLs to all your old pages will still be the same on your new site. During the site preparation phase, your new site will be on a private web address with "dev" at the end of your subdomain (if your existing site is, your new site will be at 

So, if you're looking for a page on your old site, and you know its old URL ( you can just add a "dev" to the subdomain and you'll see that page on your new site. 

After launch, all the old URLs will continue to work. 

If you want, you can use the checkbox next to each item to select multiple pages to publish, unpublish, or delete. 

Once you've selected multiple pages, you can choose an operation under "Operations" and press the green Execute button. 

3. If you want to make additional changes in bulk, like changing several pages' Categories...

Go to Content -> Bulk Content Editing. You will see a very similar screen that has a few extra things in the "Operations" dropdown. To assign several pages to a new category, click "Edit node categories" from the Operations drowndown and follow the instructions. 

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