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Out of the box, your site will come with landing pages set up for the top-level categories you've selected during the content planning phase (see: Step 1: Planning your content migration with the content spreadsheet). 

But if you want to create landing pages for a second-level content category, or for a new campaign or program at any point down the road, you'll use the landing page wizard's step-by-step process.

Note: only use the Landing Page Wizard to create pages that don't currently exist. To edit an existing landing page, see: linklink to editing existing landing page




To start, In the Content menu, select “Add content -> Landing Page Wizard”


The landing page wizard is divided into a series of steps: 

Step 1: Title and Subtitle Type a title for the landing page (this will display on the page itself). You can also add a subtitle, which will appear under the title if you do not add a Hero image to this page.

Step 1: Category In almost all cases, you will use the landing page wizard to create a landing page for a category that does not yet exist. So select "Create a new category" here and type in the category's name. Remember, if you want to edit an existing landing page, you don't need to use the landing page wizard (linklink editing an existing landing page

Step 2: Menu placement If you'd like for this landing page to be in your site's menu, click "Provide menu link." Select a Parent for this menu link in the drop-down that appears. In almost every case, you can leave the contents of the Override URL field alone. 

Step 3: Hero Image If you’d like the landing page to have a big Hero image, choose it here. You’ll also be asked to fill in a title and a subtitle, (which will appear overlaid on the image). Optionally, if you want to use the Hero area to link to a another page on your site, you can fill in the “Link title to URL” field with the full URL of the desired page.

Also, you can control the color of the subtitle and title to match your image.

Step 4: Intro Section: If you’d like to include a few paragraphs of introduction on the landing page, click “Provide text” and enter it into the box that appears. This is just like any other Body text field, so you can add inline links, images, etc, if you wish.

Step 5: Editorial Cards: Editorial cards are the primary way to add links to other pages to a landing page. You can select multiple sections of cards, and also choose between a row of two large cards, three medium cards, or four small cards.

Step 5.1: Once you've selected how many rows of editorial cards you want (and which kinds), you'll be asked to fill them. Each type of editorial card has slightly different fields. If you don't have all the content ready yet, you can add placeholder articles or pages to these editorial card fields and go back and fill them in later. 

Step 6: Map If you want to include an ESRI or Google map on your page, copy its embed code here.

Step 7: Video Videos work similar to maps—you can paste in a Youtube, Vimeo, or any other video embed code to include it on the landing page. Note: all videos that appear on our site must be hosted on a service that allows for embedding (such as YouTube)

Hint: To make sure the video fills the entire landing page area, change whatever numbers can be found in the width=”XXX” and height=”XXX” parts of the tag with “100%” (see below)

Step 8: New Stream If you’d like to include a stream of every page or article associated with this landing page’s category, select Yes. This is useful for Categories that will have frequent content updates, because a News Stream automatically updates with the article or page most recently added to the category. (As opposed to editorial cards, which you have to always change manually).

Step 9: Bird Cards You can add bird cards to the page to link to the National bird guide. You can choose to display them in a grid (default), or in a single row that users can scroll through (by checking the box). Just type the name of the birds you want to add.

Then Finish and you’re done!