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This feature allows you to place a few paragraphs of text regarding your state or center’s own priority birds or conservation efforts on the national bird guide pages when users click to them from your own site. That way, any time a user click a bird card to read more about that bird on the national site, they will still be seeing a page that's locally relevant. 

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1. Using the Content -> Content Administration page of your site, find the Local Bird you’d like to edit (filter by Type -> Local Bird, and enter its name).

2. Click the edit link on the bird you wish to edit.

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3. In the body field that appears under “Content Injection” Enter one to two paragraphs of text describing your work with this bird. The text can contain links.

4. It may take up to 24 hours for your changes to be updated on the national site. When users click on Bird Cards on your site, they’ll be taken to the bird guide on the National Audubon site. They’ll see a banner at the top of the page with a link to return to the page they just came from on your own site, so they can easily navigate back. And if you choose, you can populate a text box on your site that will appear for all Bird Guide visitors coming from your site, containing local information on your efforts to protect this bird.

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1. While logged on to your own site, go to Content Administration under the Content menu.

2. Select “Local Bird” from the Type drop down to filter the list to show only Bird nodes.

3. Search for the name of the bird whose content you want to edit by typing its name into the Title box and press the “Apply” button.

4. Press edit next to the bird you’d like to add content for, and in the “Content Injection” box, type 1-3 paragraphs. Keep it brief, otherwise the layout of the national bird guide pages will appear broken to your users.

Please also limit your input to basic text and links. Images and other formatting will break the layout as well.

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5. Once the node is saved on your site, your users will immediately see this content on the national bird guide when they move from your site to the national site. If it doesn't immediately appear, give it approximately 24 hours then check again. If it still doesn't appear, file a support ticket for Web Services.