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News Streams work by pulling all published pages/articles from one or more categories, which you can assign to the News Stream module by editing it in the Customize this Page view. In the screenshot below, this news stream is configured to pull all content added to the News category. You can add additional categories by typing them in the box. 


Editorial grid

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This is a full-width module that can be used on landing pages to display many similar pieces of content (articles, or static pages). It is simple to configure: add it to a full-width region of a landing page by choosing the "Editorial Cards" category at left, then "Editorial grid." Then select a Category term or an internal tag, and the system will display all articles and static pages assigned to that category or tag. 

This module works best when presenting a larger number of similar things (for instance, on the national site, we will be using it to link to the 60 or so pages we have for individual murals as part of the Audubon Mural Project). If the items in the editorial grid aren't thematically linked, it could quickly become overwhelming for the user. For a more general listing of content, use a "News stream" module (above). 



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