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In some cases, you can also add engagement cards to certain regions of pages that don't yet have them. Again, more info on how to do this can be found here: To Edit An Existing Landing Page

Full-width engagement cards

You can now add Engagement cards to a region that spans the full width of the page. To do this, create an engagement card as usual following the guidelines above, making sure the image  you select is wide and at a higher resolution. Then: 

  1. On the landing page you'd like to add the full-width engagement card, switch to "Customize this page" view and click the plus sign in the blue page region heading
  2. Choose the "Basic modules" category at left, then select "Engagement card - full width"
  3. You can choose one of two layouts: "Half Black" will create a black background for the engagement card text, with the image at left (use a more square-shaped image). "Default" will place the image behind the text (not all images will work well behind text—make sure your text is legible). 
  4. Type the name of the engagement card you'd like to add, and press "Finish"

These engagement card placements work especially well with cards set up to capture email addresses. They can be placed on campaign landing pages to add more calls to action to your pages. 

If you need help setting up engagement cards with email collection forms, email Eric Hertenstein (

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