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Found on landing pages, the homepage, static pages, and article pages.

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Size (ideal): 2400px wide. That gives us good-looking display at a 1200px wide browser on newer “Retina” screens, which require double the resolution.

Size (minimum): 1200px wideImage Added

The ideal size for any hero image is 2400px wide by 1000px high. This ensures that the whole image (and its page title/subtitle overlay) is fully visible even on smaller screen. 

Minimum image size for hero images is 1200px wide by 500px tall. At 1200px your image might start to degrade for people who browse the web with their browser maximized, and may not look so great on iPads or other high-res tablets. But it should still be usable.

Any images between 2400 or 1200px wide should be cropped to a similar ratio of 2400 x 1000 (2.4:1). Think: more rectangular than a widescreen television. 

Static Pages

Width Mode “Full”