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A common issue we're seeing on the sites are editorial cards that are missing either an image, or a subtitle, or both. This is something we want to avoid for launch.

Editorial cards pull their images and text from the article or page they link to. So for instance, if you add a page called "Our Seas & Shores Work" to a 3x editorial card module, the system will populate the editorial card from the content of the page. The page title ("Our Seas & Shores Work") will appear as the title on the card. The page's "Subtitle" field will also appear in the editorial card. And the page's main hero image will automatically appear in the image slot. 

So if the page you're adding to an editorial card section has its Title, Subtitle, and Hero Image populated, you won't need to do anything extra. But what if your "Our Seas & Shores Work" page doesn't have a subtitle, or a hero image? In that case, you need to populate the editorial card fields separately. 

The title and subtitle for the editorial card are found on the "Editorial card fields" tab:

And the editorial card image field is found on the "Layout" tab:

These fields can also be used to override the title, subtitle, or image. For instance, if on the page itself you have a long subtitle that is too long for an editorial card, you can put a shortened version in the "Editorial card fields description" field and it will override it. 

The same thing applies when adding a landing page to an editorial card

If the landing page you're linking to doesn't have a hero image or a subtitle, its editorial card will be sad and empty. Edit the landing page using the Edit tab and fill out the Editorial card fields there to fix it. See: Want to link to another landing page with an editorial card? Here's how to add an image to that editorial card for more instructions. 



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