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Your site's categories are like an outline to all of its content. Every piece of content on your site must be assigned a category. Here's how to manage them. 

Note, in most cases, if you need to add a category to your site (ie, for a new program or campaign/initiative), you should use the Landing Page Wizard to build a landing page for it (which will also create a Category by default) (see: How to use the Landing Page Wizard to create a new category for content). Only use the instructions below to manage existing categories. 


  1. Go to Structure -> Taxonomy  -> Category in your admin menu bar.

  2. You will see a tree listing of all your site’s categories. This matches the tree you see when you assign categories to content in the References tab on static pages or articles.

  3. If you’d like to add a new term, click the big Add Term link at the top. All you need to enter for it is a title.

  4.  To re-arrange categories (and to properly place any new terms), click the four-way arrow next to any term and drag it to where you’d like it to go with your mouse.


  5. To delete categories, press the Delete link to the right.